How has the company created?

Altech is born from the enthusiasm of friends who aimed to manufacture and develop a water purification process for rural communities in developing countries. Hydropur was born from this adventure. The first station was established in Haiti in 1989. Since then, there are more than hundred stations worldwide that allow thousands of people to access clean drinking water.

Altech has diversified its portfolio: today the company is active in all areas related to water but also in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development.

What are our areas of activity?

Altech is active in the sector of water and sanitation in developing countries and more particularly for rural areas through its Hydropur water treatment units.

All actions are carried out in close cooperation with our local partners and with the participation of the local populations.

Altech takes all aspects of the projet: study, project design, installation of equipment, training, monitoring and transfer of the technology. To ensure the sustainability of our actions we follow-up closely from the beginning to the handing over of the project and we remain in contact beyond. Our projects are fully consistent with the three pillars of sustainable development.

What is your philosophy?

Altech , anonymous society, claims its social vocation. For Altech, making a profit is not an ultimate goal. Responding to the needs of the society and its population is for Altech the main focus. Our profit is fully used to develop products, services and socio-economical approaches in the interest of developing countries and their population.

Altech promotes integrated projects and the transfer of skills by training the local beneficial communities in the use and the maintenance of our equipment, by conducting awareness to the sustainable management of water resources, and by ensuring a lasting impact of the projects. Altech offers easy solutions to meet the maximum needs while respecting the environment. Sustainable development is an integral part of our projects. Our solutions are 100% using renewable energy.

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